Hello, I am Simran,
Product Designer
based in
San Francisco
With 3+ years of design experience I am currently designing developer experiences for building AI applications at Anyscale. I've also worked previously at Meta, Sezzle and Nasa JPL
Talks and podcasts
Tarah Beyers
Product Manager @ Sezzle
"I got the pleasure of working with Simran at Sezzle on the Shopper Product team. Simran is an extremely talented product designer. She is self-directed and given a problem statement, is able to jump in, do research, and quickly iterate over concepts/solutions. She thinks deeply through every aspect of the user experience. At Sezzle, Simran worked on a number of important features - e.g. pushing more users to download the app from web and improving the flow of the account tab experience. Not only is she a great designer, but she's also a great teammate. She is very communicative and fun to work with!"
Lannie Tran
Product Designer II @ Sezzle
Simran is a wonderful designer and even better person to work with, who stands out for her empathy, thoughtfulness, and overall expertise in product design. I appreciate her ability to balance functionality and creativity in her work and she is a delight to collaborate with. Her friendly and positive attitude make working together so fun and easy. I cannot recommend Simran enough!
Akshay Bhatia
CEO, Founder, PM @ Mutterfly
“Simran was our first UI / UX team member and played an instrumental role in taking Mutterfly Website to the next level. Simran’s enthusiasm, strong work ethic and ability to take feedback constructively make her a star performer and it was always a delight brainstorming with her. Look forward to seeing what Simran builds next and there’s no doubt that it will be beautiful.”
Reshma Dhuldhule
Software developer @ Mutterfly
“I worked with Simran at Mutterfly, wherein Simran lead the whole redesign of Mutterfly's website. I was impressed with her work ethic as well as her ability to solve design problems keeping technical constraints in mind which made our development cycle smoother. She is very approachable and open to feedback and strives to find efficient solutions to any given problem. Her communication and organizational skills made collaborating with her a breeze. I enjoyed working with her and can truly see her passion about delivering the best user experiences. I highly recommend her and am sure she will be an asset to any organization”
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